The Brawl League Art Contest

Art Submissions

Start: May 17th

End: June 7th

Rules & Terms:

  • Art must be created specifically for the contest and not be a repost / re submission 

  • Art must feature either the Brawl League Logo or Brawl League Chan, other characters can be included too.

  • All submissions must be done through the Brawl League Discord.
    (You can post your work to social media before entries close)

  •  All artwork must be Safe for work.

  • Artwork can be done as a collaboration, however splitting prizes will be up to the people in the team and not Brawl League
    (all prizes will be sent to 1 person to split up)

  • We reserve the right to use artwork created in promotional content for Brawl League, with credit given to the artist(s).

  • This is not a graphic contest, submitting graphics will not enter you into the contest

  • 1 submission per person

They need Votes!

Start: June 8th

End: June 13th

After we collect all submissions, we will open a poll for people to view all the artwork and vote on them. We want this process to be 100% in the hands of our community, so they can decide who gets the prizes, not just our staff

Winners Reveal!

The reveal of people winning prizes will be held on the June Brawl League Stream. 


1st - 1x Brawl League Avatar / $75 USD / 1x Enemy on Board Founders Pack

2nd - 1x Brawl League Avatar / $45 USD / 1x Enemy on Board Founders Pack

3rd - 1x Brawl League Avatar / $30 USD

4th - 1x Brawl League Avatar