Upcoming Tournaments
Brawl League Open - August EU
Gold and Under - August NA
Community Cup - August EU
Steelseries North America
Steelseries Australia
Steelseries Southeast Asia
Steelseries Europe
Steelseries South America
Brawl League Open - August NA
Gold and Under - August EU
Community Cup - August NA
Brawl League Open - September EU
Gold and Under - September NA
Community Cup - September EU
Autumn Championship - North America
Autumn Championship - Australia
Autumn Championship - SEA
Autumn Championship - Europe
Autumn Championship - South America
Brawl League Open - September NA
Gold and Under - September EU
Community Cup - September NA
Brawl League Open - October EU
Gold and Under - October NA
Community Cup - October EU
Brawl League Open - October NA
Gold and Under - October EU
Community Cup - October NA

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